The April product focus features insulation products including foam insulation, SPF insulation and more.

Open Cell Spray Foam


OC No-Mix insulation is an open-cell spray foam solution for both homes and commercial structures. The high-performance material is notable for providing enhanced energy efficiency, long-term energy cost savings and an easy no-mix application. The product is ideal for application in critical insulation areas within the structure including: cavity walls, crawl spaces and attics (both vented and unvented) as well as floor, ceiling and interior roof assemblies. The spray applied material seals the structure, providing a continuous air barrier, offering exceptional performance in the reduction of heat transfer. The product also significantly reduces unmanaged moisture. The insulation offers the added benefit of noise attenuation. For more information, visit


Green Spray Foam Insulation


Demilec’s Heatlok HFO family of products uses Honeywell’s Solstice blowing agent with ultra-low global warming and Zero Ozone Depleting potential. Heatlok HFO High Lift and Heatlok HFO Pro has won awards for its high R-values of 7.5/inch and 7.4/inch, respectively. Heatlok HFO High Lift can be sprayed at 6½ inch for an R-49 in a single pass. While HFO Pro is a certified ABAA air barrier, vapor retarder, water barrier and thermal insulation; ideal of continuous insulation. Aside from thermal efficiency, both products feature other environmental benefits. Heatlok HFO products are composed of a total of 19-percent recycled and renewable content. For more information, visit


Formaldehyde-free Mineral Wool System

Owens Corning

As the first formaldehyde free mineral wool insulation in North America, the formaldehyde-free Thermafiber mineral wool insulation solutions represent a breakthrough for architects, specifiers and contractors interested in achieving sustainable building standards. The expansion of the formaldehyde-free mineral wool insulation strengthens the impressive portfolio of industry-leading products and services. For more information, visit


Nonstructural SPF Insulation System

Johns Manville

JM Corbond oc SPF is a two-component, low-density, nonstructural insulation system designed for commercial, residential and industrial applications. Its low-density nature allows for tremendous yield, while providing important air isolation, versatile R-values, excellent acoustical performance, and critical air sealing. The company offers a broad family of high-performance insulation solutions that meet a wide array of performance requirements and project budgets. For more information, visit


Polyiso CI Solution

Atlas Roofing

The Atlas EnergyShield Pro, a polyiso continuous insulation solution for commercial exterior walls, meets all four commercial building standards. One tool that architects have found very helpful is the free EnergyShield Wall Builder Tool. It allows any user to virtually construct a wall, layer by layer. As each layer is chosen, the user can see the wall rendering as it is assembled. For more information, visit