Blown-in Wall System

Owens Corning

ProPink Complete Blown-in wall system is custom fit for high performance walls with six-sided contact. Installing quickly and cleanly, the system is the easiest way to achieve a Grade-1 install and pass inspection the first time. The system is comprised of:

  • ProPink Complete Loosefill Insulation: A high-yield loosefill insulation with High-Performance Fiberizing Technology that can be installed to reach the exact R-value needed using less material. It fits easily into any cavity shape and depth and fills around wires, pipes, electrical boxes and other obstructions.
  • ProPink Complete Loosefill Fabric: A spunbond, pointbond polyester, non-woven material designed to provide minimal stretch, making it easier to install without overfilling. The enhanced fabric delivers improved durability, faster installation (up to 20 percent on average) and higher quality to extend your materials and budget.
  • Inspect-R Density Gauge: The company’s exclusive tool provides quick, accurate, non-invasive R-value measurement to prevent overblowing the cavity.

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Continuous Wall Insulation


The CGF Pro Continuous Wall Insulation combines Class A fire performance, NFPA 285 compliances, and water and air barrier capabilities with the highest available R-value per inch on the market. The product comprises a Class A fire-rated closed-cell polyisocyanurate (polyiso) foam core faced with a high-performance coated glass facer on the front and back. One side of the product is dark gray for use in open joint rainscreen applications. It provides the highest R-value per inch of any insulation. This allows a thinner wall profile, which is an important consideration when designing with heavier claddings such as masonry, stucco or metal. It is recommended for residential and commercial applications due to its Class-A fire-rating. It is also great for large-scale commercial applications in which the commercial building needs to “breathe.” For more information, visit


Insulated Partition Wall Assembly

Huntsman Building Solutions

The W-Wall is a wall assembly design solution for partition walls between attached apartment and townhome units. The product is the first 2-hour fire-rated, load bearing wall assembly design tested and approved for use with open-cell spray foam insulation. Most of the company’s open-cell spray foams have been certified for use with W-Wall, which also provides soundproofing and energy efficiency benefits. Use of the assembly design solves blower door issues and meaningfully reduces construction and labor costs. W-Wall is assembled at the construction site by framers and/or spray foam contractors. For more information, visit


Commercial Stone Wool Batt


AFB is a light-weight and semi-rigid stone wool batt insulation designed specifically for commercial green-building applications and industrial construction, where fire resistance and acoustic performance are required. For steel or wood stud interior wall and floor applications, the batt is water repellent, non-combustible, chemically inert and dimensionally stable. Easy to install, saving time on the job site, it is ideal for friction fit into wall partitions and system applications from party walls to plant/manufacturing walls. Resisting fire up to 2,150 degrees Fahrenheit, the stone wool insulation achieves its noncombustible properties without added chemical flame retardants and will not contribute to toxic smoke or promote flame spread in the event of a fire. This makes it ideal for use in high-occupancy buildings, such as offices, schools, high-rise residential buildings, seniors’ residences, hotels or healthcare facilities. For more information, visit


Continuous Insulation Solution


The Flex Foam is a continuous insulation solution with a low-e aluminum reinforced facing that reduces up to 95 percent of radiant heat transfer. The company provides strong performance to keep buildings cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter for greater efficiency and comfort year-round. Perforated to allow vapor transmission and coated for long term performance and corrosion resistance, Flex Foam provides R 1.6 of continuous insulation and an overall R 4.5 when used with a 3/4-inch enclosed air space. For additional performance, use Flex Foam as part of a system with AA2 or M Shield to achieve an overall R 5.9 and R 6.5 respectively, with 3/4- or 7/8-inch framing. Specified in the NAHB New American Home and 2022 New American Remodel. Learn more and see our visualizers at


Low-GWP Styrofoam XPS Insulation


Styrofoam Brand XPS has an 80-year history as a sustainable building product, insulating to meet thermal, moisture, air and vapor performance requirements through its rigid foam board technology. The closed-cell structure is the design choice for buildings that withstand the elements and the test of time. Low-GWP Styrofoam XPS Insulation delivers the same long-term thermal performance, moisture resistance, durability and ease-of-use you expect. The new grey color lets you know it was made with a low global warming potential formulation:

  • Produced using 100 percent renewable electricity
  • UL Environment Certified recycled content (20 percent average)
  • Low VOC compliance (California Title 24 standard)
  • Contributes to DuPont’s 2030 GHG emissions reduction goal
  • Manufactured with BluEdge polymeric FR sustainable technology
  • Zero-ozone depletion formula
  • Enabling a Circular Economy with reuse

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Fiberglass Building Insulation

CertainTeed Insulation

InsulPure Fiberglass Building Insulation features a more efficient fiberglass binder formula. Lightweight and easy to cut and handle, the insulation is virtually effortless to place. It recovers quickly and returns to full shape after shipment, and it offers improved rigidity to help the insulation stay in place between wall studs. It also creates less dust during installation, promoting improved air quality for installers and quicker cleanup with reduced worksite waste and debris. The product features a lighter, brighter tone. The pure white insulation is free from additives and coloring. It is made from recycled content and is GREENGUARD Gold Certified and NGBS Green Certified. In addition, it is formaldehyde-free and third-party validated by UL. To learn more, visit

Sound Absorbing Foam Insulation


The new grade Basotect UF+ with improved emission properties replaces the successful Basotect UF and opens up additional fields of application. The exceptionally lightweight and flexible foam is ideally suited for the insulation of HVAC technology in buildings. At the same time it reduces effectively the noise level of the facilities. The new grade is globally available as of now. It provides high elasticity, low thermal conductivity, extremely low density without release of mineral fibers during processing. The high flexibility enables individual solutions to fit into very small gaps as well as for highly curved surfaces, e.g. ceilings and walls. The line meets the highest fire safety requirements, including the American ASTM C1410 test standard for industrial applications. For more information, visit

Closed-cell Spray Foam

Johns Manville

JM Corbond IV is a fourth-generation, closed-cell spray foam made with a hydrofluoro-olefin blowing agent. It has been engineered to meet stringent new regulations prohibiting the use of materials that have a high Global Warming Potential. The blowing agent in the product has a GWP of less than 2 and an Ozone Depletion Potential of 0. JM The insulation not only has a lower GWP than Corbond III but also performs competitively in terms of R-value, spray yield and cooling requirements [exothermic properties] when compared to the previous generation. (The main difference between the two products is in the new, HFO blowing agent.) It is a strong choice for high-performing, energy-efficient commercial and residential insulation applications. It is immediately available to ship anywhere in the United States and will soon be available to ship anywhere in Canada. Additional information can be found at