The Construction Defect Center says, "We are now urging U.S. homebuilders to only buy U.S. made copper or pex plumbing pipe for their new residential home or condominium projects. There have been numerous national class actions or state specific class actions over the last decade related to defective plumbing products and in many instances the common denominator in the lawsuits was the defective plumbing pipe or plumbing pipe brass fittings were manufactured in China. 

"With respect to defective or poorly made plumbing products made in China the largest group of victims are U.S. homeowners. Typically, the construction defect attorneys failed to identify enough homeowners in these class actions or lawsuits. The net result is the majority of impacted US homeowners nationwide get left holding the bag for repairs for their new or newer home's defective plumbing pipes or pipe brass fittings. We estimate the number of impacted U.S. homeowners has to be in the millions"

The reason the Construction Defect Center is urging U.S. homebuilders-construction firms to stop using made in China plumbing products is the Chinese typically do not stand behind their very poorly made plumbing products. This leaves the homebuilder, the plumber and or the plumbing supply house in an awkward position because it is almost impossible to sue the Chinese manufacturer-because the Chinese manufacturer is also frequently known as the Chinese government. 

At the same time the Construction Defect Center is urging major US based home improvement stores to stop selling copper pipe or fittings that were not made in the U.S.A. On recent trips to some of the leading home improvement stores the Center discovered most of the copper plumbing pipe being sold in these stores were also made in China or other nations not called the U.S.A. In two of these visits-store employees volunteered, 'please don't buy these imported copper pipes because they are 'crap' or even much more descriptive terms.

According to the Construction Defect Center, "We are now also very concerned about cast iron Chinese plumbing pipes that flooded the U.S.A prior to 2010. The Chinese made cast iron plumbing pipes could be subject to leaks and failures. The Chinese made cast iron pipes were installed in Southern California and we will assume elsewhere in midrise or high rise buildings along with schools and commercial buildings.

"Our question is at what point will U.S. homebuilders, construction companies and plumbing or building supply companies figure out-they are not saving money by selling poorly made Chinese plumbing or building products? If you fail to learn from history you are doomed to repeat it."

Note: Within the next two months the Construction Defect Center will compile a list of all defective residential or commercial plumbing pipes or brass fittings that have been subject to litigation in the last 20 years to prevent home purchasers or investors from unknowingly purchasing a property that needs to be re-piped or needs to undergo a complete plumbing system replacement. The Center will also suggest qualified licensed and insured plumbing contractors in each state that can do the retrofit-or replacement in the most professional and cost effective way possible.