The Construction Defect Center is expanding their initiative in the hopes of making certain new home buyers do not get stuck with a repair bill to fix their house. This new initiative will focus on protecting new homebuyers in specific states including California, Arizona, Washington, Nevada and Oregon. Aside from being some of the fastest growing states in the US these states also have consumer friendly construction defect laws. This initiative is primarily focused on single-family subdivisions and or townhouse developments.

The group fears common construction defects in single-family home developments or subdivisions are rarely identified as impacting more than one owner-when-in reality the entire subdivision could be impacted by the same common construction defect or defects. 

The Construction Defect Center is focused on making certain a new homebuyer does not get stuck with the repair bill on the following types of building products:

  • Defective siding or building envelope issues related to water intrusion or mold.
  • Defective roofing material or flashing that is defective or has not been properly installed.
  • Defective residential pipe or piping material.
  • Defective windows that have failed prematurely or that leak.
  • Defective wood flooring products.
  • Defective appliances that were included with the new home

According to the Construction Defect Center, "We are especially focused on single family subdivisions in California, Arizona, Washington, Nevada and Oregon. Based on our experience new homeowners rarely talk to each other, or they rarely even know each-other, and they assume their leaking roof, rotting siding, plumbing issues or failed widows are their unique problem and not a problem shared by other homeowners in the same subdivision.

"When it comes to construction defects in a single-family home or townhouse a law firm will probably be needed to make things right for the homeowner. If we make a law firm recommendation we will have made certain they are experts in construction defects and that they have a superior track record of achieving the best settlement outcomes for their homeowner clients. The last thing we want to see happen to a new homeowner is for them and their neighbors to get stuck with what could be a gigantic repair bill that their homebuilder should have taken care of in the first place. There is no charge for our services for a new homeowner provided the construction defect associated with their home is easy to see and or document."

For more information visit http://ConstructionDefectCenter.Com.