McCain WallEarlier this month, McCain Walls latest modular temporary wall system install happened at the LAX Marriott. In only a few hours, three to be exact, two crewmembers installed 50’ of McCain Walls during normal business hours.

McCain Wall

The reusable and reconfigurable custom McCain Walls system included 400 sq. ft of McCain Walls and included two 90-degree outside corners.

Total Size: 4'W x 8'H x 42"L


Because the Starbucks renovation project is located next to the hotel’s busy lobby, a temporary barricade was required. Not only is McCain Walls keeping guests clear from any construction activity, but also with its aesthetically appealing finish, it blends into the hotel's modern interior decor. The smooth white powder coated finish provides a graphics-ready surface for brand management within the establishment.

Click the link to view  project photos.

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