Red Herring has announced the winners of its Top 100 North America 2017 event, held recently in Los Angeles. The winning companies, selected from thousands of prospective startups and tech firms, represent the cutting edge of North America’s world-class technology industry–and demonstrate the region’s continued reputation for digital excellence.

Among the winners was eSUB Construction Software. The tech company cloud-based project management platform offers solutions for all roles in a commercial subcontractor construction firm – Executives, Project Managers, Field Workers and Accounting staff, that go beyond facilitating crucial project delivery tasks. The software supports business outcomes that drive teams to build the best and most profitable commercial construction projects on the planet.

The Top 100 awards were handed out at a special ceremony tonight at the Marina Del Rey Marriott Hotel, where for the past two days companies’ executives have presented their companies to a judging panel comprising industry insiders, analysts and journalists. Entrants also enjoyed a host of keynote speeches and panel discussions featuring some of North America’s top technology leaders.

“This is one of the most innovative and exciting groups of companies we’ve ever hosted at a Top 100 awards show,” said Alex Vieux, chairman of Red Herring. “It’s always a pleasure to come to California and see the cream of North America’s tech crop. 2017 has proven to be another fine year for tech, which is now simply the economy rather than a small part of it.”

“The fact that so many companies here are working at the bleeding edge of tech, goes to show just how fast this sector is moving,” said Vieux. “I’m proud to see so many exciting entrepreneurs at this awards ceremony, and have no doubt they will go on to achieve great things.”