Green Bull, the U.S.-based ladder brand built for professional independent distributors, launched a new website that improves customers’ online experience and is built with a responsive design for all digital platforms. The simplified format and added functionality are an extension of the exceptional customer service that has become a cornerstone of Green Bull’s business.

“Green Bull’s reputation is founded on excellent customer service, and we know that the expectation for great service extends to the online experience,” said Stacy Gardella, Director of Interactive Marketing at WernerCo. “It’s nice to be able to draw on the expertise of WernerCo to completely revamp the website and offer a sophisticated, user-friendly web interface.”

The new Green Bull website, developed in concert with parent company WernerCo, has been optimized for all platforms, allowing customers to access the full site via desktop computer, mobile phone or tablet. The updated site will allow for a better, more consistent experience for customers who may need to research products even when they are not in an office.

Improved Navigation and Product Filtering

The new website’s most significant update includes integration with a robust Product Information Management System driving the improved navigation of Green Bull’s inventory. The new Product Finder allows for both very specific and general product searches. Customers can now filter their product options in a variety of ways and compare products to differentiate between ladder categories, sizes, styles, load capacities and other important factors.

Green Bull’s new website’s searching capability allows users to filter by the following attributes to identify the best product for the job:

  • Product Category
  • Product Style
  • Ladder Size
  • Product Type
  • Product Load Capacity
  • Product Material
  • Side Rail Length

The new Product Finder will help visitors save time and allow them to navigate the website quickly and easily. Green Bull’s new site will also provide access to educational safety information and links to independent dealers where Green Bull products can be found. The new website can be accessed at