Building Enclosure’s next Webinar will be held on September 28 at p.m. ET. This event, titled Waterproofing Problem Solving with Liquid Applied Membranes,” sponsored by SOPREMA, will review the history of PMMAs and dissect the chemistry of this technology. The attributes of PMMAs will be discussed along with some real world examples of how the technology has been used.

This webinar will feature Tim Kersey, SOPREMA’s Vice President and General Manager.

The material that will be discussed includes but is not limited to:

  1. The history/attributes and various uses of PMMA resins
  2. The chemistry and advantages of liquid applied PMMA systems
  3. How PMMA membranes can help solve many common rooftop issues
  4. The versatility of liquid applied PMMA systems beyond roofing

To register, visit