In celebration of Labor Day, ReBuild USA—a national, nonpartisan organization—launched the nationwide “Make a Difference” campaign, and released a video highlighting the apprentices and journeymen who contribute to a cause important to all of us: re-building America. In doing so, these men and women are also helping to rebuild America’s middle class.

Earlier this year, ReBuild USA launched a national paid-advertising campaign to push for a national infrastructure plan. The campaign is part of ReBuild USA’s national campaign to fix America’s infrastructure which is in its early stages, but already is supported by tens-of-thousands of Americans throughout the country.

The video highlights the varied experiences and backgrounds of these apprentices and journeymen—some of them come from military backgrounds, others were formerly stuck in dead-end jobs, and still others are single parents looking to accelerate their careers. All of them have at least one thing in common: a commitment to making America stand stronger and last longer.

Through apprenticeship and training programs, unions invest $1.3 billion in training per year at 1,600 training centers nationwide, providing career pathways to people from a variety of backgrounds. ReBuild USA’s video highlights the effectiveness of federally-approved “earn-while-you-learn” apprenticeship training programs, which provide true and meaningful pathways to stable middle-class careers.

ReBuild USA is committed to pushing for better infrastructure—and the jobs that come with it—throughout our nation. Earlier this year, the

American Society of Civil Engineers gave the United States a dangerous and unacceptable D+ grade for the collective state of our infrastructure— highlighting the poor condition of our roads, bridges, energy systems, and waterways.

This Labor Day, ReBuild USA celebrates our Nation’s apprentices and journeymen for investing in their futures and the future of America.

ReBuild USA is a nonpartisan project that advocates for infrastructure improvements at the national, state and local levels and is supported by North America’s Building Trades Unions.

ReBuild USA Labor Day video can be viewed HERE.