ASSA ABLOY’s commitment to protecting the planet – along with the people and places where security matters most – is a cornerstone value of the organization and is anchored by three core competencies: efficiency, transparency and consultancy.

Those three tenets will be on full display in the ASSA ABLOY booth (#1214) at Greenbuild 2017, as well as a continued commitment to making products, processes and the built environment more sustainable.


ASSA ABLOY helps buildings reduce energy consumption through multiple solutions. These include energy efficient products such as optimized, high performance openings that reduce thermal and air leakage and electronic access control components that use drastically less power versus traditional methods.

“Now more than ever, project teams strive to design new or retrofit existing buildings as progressive environments that are both healthy and efficient,” said Amy Vigneux, director of Sustainable Building Solutions at ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions. “We support these demands through deliberate product design that provides noticeable and measurable improvements in efficiency and occupant health in buildings.”

New products on display at the ASSA ABLOY booth (#1214) at Greenbuild 2017 are:

  • Adams Rite RITE Touch Digital Glass Door Lock
  • Norton 6300 Series Low Energy Operator
  • Norton 5800 Series ADAEZ Low Energy Operator
  • Securitron M680E Magnalock with EcoMag Technology
  • Securitron EcoPower Power Supply
  • Attack Resistant Opening

Products being previewed at the ASSA ABLOY booth (#1214) are:

  • EcoFlex Exit Trim
  • HES 1500E/1600E EcoStrike Electrified Strikes
  • IN120 WiFi Lock with Energy Harvesting Technology
  • Securitron M380E Magnalock with EcoMag Technology


ASSA ABLOY actively pursues transparency documents for many products, ensuring that builders, designers, specifiers, architects and others are confident in their ability to provide products that consider the product’s entire life cycle impact. To this goal, ASSA ABLOY offers:

  • Over 100 products with EPDs – Environmental Product Declarations includes a product’s life cycle assessment and serves as a way to quantify the product’s environmental impact.
  • Over 20 products with HPDs – Health Product Declarations reports the content of a product along with its associated health and other related information.
  • Over 20 products with Declare labels – Declare labels serve as a way to disclose product ingredients, specifically those used for Living Building Challenge projects.

“A commitment to transparency in our value chain, manufacturing, and product ingredients fulfills the needs of an educated and demanding industry that is continuing to push commercial and institutional construction in a positive direction,” Vigneux said.


How do traditional door openings compare to sustainable door openings? What are the key aspects of door opening energy efficiency? How do you define transparency in a sustainable built environment? You have questions, ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions has answers.

ASSA ABLOY consultative experts are available to anyone who has questions about sustainability through the newly launched ASK US section of the Door Security Solutions website located at

“We know our customers may have questions about sustainability, especially as it pertains to doors and hardware” Vigneux said. “Our team of experts is excited to field those questions, as this is our passion and our mission.”