ClarkDietrich Building Systems announced that it earned the 2017 Military Spouse Friendly Employer designation by Victory Media, publisher of G.I. Jobs, Military Spouse, Vetrepreneur and STEM Jobs resources. The annual companion list to Military Friendly Employers recognizes those companies that hire spouses of active duty service members and promote workforce development policies and programs that acknowledge and support the unique challenges of military life. This year’s list features 121 employers across four revenue categories, demonstrating the growing success among all types of organizations and across industries for tapping into this talented group of men and women.

ClarkDietrich is committed to hiring military talent, knowing first-hand that recruiting military spouses is not only the “right thing to do,” but also the right thing for business. “At ClarkDietrich, we open our arms to people with all backgrounds, including those who come from the military, knowing that our company will benefit from the expertise, drive and discipline they bring to our company,” said Jim Collins, president of ClarkDietrich.

“Military spouses are expert problem-solvers. They thrive under pressure, and are highly educated and mobile,” said Daniel Nichols, Chief Product Officer at Victory Media’s Military Friendly® division. “Companies recognize these attributes and want them in their workplace. In fact, companies that employ both veterans or service members and their spouses have even better retention of their military employees.”

The new, annual Military Friendly Companies survey includes sections that not only evaluate whether an employer’s hiring, onboarding, retention and mentoring programs are better for veterans, but also whether recruiting and retention practices and policies address the biggest concerns of military spouses and families:

•        Which companies provide time off for spouses when their service member is deployed?

•        Which companies offer flexibility for spouses who are managing the nuances of military life?

•        Which companies work to keep spouses employed when they inevitably have to relocate?

ClarkDietrich is featured along with the entire list of 2017 Military Spouse Friendly Employers in the January issue of Military Spouse Magazine and on