Progressive Engineering Evaluation Service is an accredited ISO Standard 17065 Product Certifier.

Recently, PEI tested and certified Marino\WARE's Viper20 Stud as meeting the requirements of ASTM C1629 for Soft Body Impact Resistance.

Currently, sellers advertise high-impact wallboards as achieving Level 3 Impact Resistance with 30 mil studs. Now Viper20 has also achieved Level 3 impact resistance with seven high-impact wallboards. PEI compiled this data into an Assembly Evaluation Report, the full text of which is available here.

Marino\WARE stands behind their Viper20 product with high-impact wallboards, and have the third party documentation to back it up.

Assembly Parts Description

Steel Studs:
The Marino\WARE 3-5/8" Viper20 Stud, 70 ksi with Design Thickness of 0.0190"

Impact Side Sheathing:
5/8' thick Impact labeled Panels attached with screws as specified in ASTM C840

Non-Impact Side Sheathing:
5/8' Type X Gypsum Panel attached with screws as specified in ASTM C840.

Approved ASTM C1629 Soft Body Impact Assemblies using Viper20 Studs

  • USG Sheetrock Brand Mold Tough VHI Firecode X Panels
  • GP DensArmor Plus Impact-Resistant Interior Panels
  • CertainTeed Extreme Impact Resistant Gypsum Board with M2Tech
  • National Gold Bond Brand Hi-Impact XP Gypsum Board
  • American M-Bloc IR Type X Interior Gypsum Panels
  • PABCO High Impact Type X Gypsum Panels with MOLD CURB Plus Technology
  • Continental Protecta HIR 300 Type X with Mold Defense
  • Viper20's certification is but one of the many ways in which Marino\WARE stands by the quality and reliability of our products.