Viper25, Viper20S (Select) & Viper20D (Deluxe), manufactured by Marino\WARE and CEMCO received an evaluation report (CCRR-0154) from ATI Evaluation Service, a Division of Architectural Testing-Certification Services. This evaluation report will be used by architects, building officials, contractors and distributors throughout the building industry as evidence that the ViperStud Drywall Framing System meets the 2003 IBC & IRC, 2006 IBC & IRC, and the 2009 IBC & IRC building codes.

ATI-ES conducted an in depth review of Expedius partners Marino\WARE’s and CEMCO’s test data, quality control practices, calculations and procedures to ensure that ViperStud is a code compliant building product. This report adds important new information to the ViperStud portfolio of test information, certification and engineering information giving further evidence of the code compliance and third party verification of the two companies’ testing methods and procedures.

Architectural Testing’s ANSI-accredited CCRR program provides accurate, thorough product evaluations developed by respected, licensed professional engineers.