The new PlayCore and Dero office, in the Northern Stacks business park in Minneapolis, has an open-plan, industrial-chic design with indoor bicycle parking and a climbing wall in the reception area. To absorb sound within the space, architect Brian Hunke, AIA from Mohagen Hansen, recommended pinta acoustic’s Balance and Whisperwave Ceiling Clouds.

PlayCore and Dero were in the heart of downtown for nearly 20 years. Many of the employees commute to work by bicycle, making the location of the new office essential. PlayCore provides innovative playground and recreational equipment to match the unique needs of each community it serves. Dero, a PlayCore company, designs and manufactures bike parking products.

“Easy access to major highways for shipping, rail transit and metro-connected bicycle trails for employee commuting were key considerations. Sustainability is also central to our businesses,” says Andy Lageson, vice president and general manager of Dero. “Located near the Mississippi river trails, Northern Stacks was ideal for our new headquarters.” 

“To achieve an industrial-chic look, the PlayCore and Dero office space was designed with concrete floors, other hard surfaces and open areas,” says Brian Hunke, AIA. “To minimize unwanted sound reflecting off the hard surfaces and traveling throughout the open spaces it needed acoustic absorbers. Having worked with pinta acoustic’s products before, I knew they would have an affordable, attractive solution.”

Hunke had visited the pinta acoustic booth at a local architectural trade show. He specified two of the products that he saw at the exhibition, Balance and Whisperwave Ceiling Clouds.

The combined company office space has concrete floors, gypsum walls and exposed ceilings. The lobby features two stories of glass in the corner as well as a visitor bike parking area. To absorb sound reverberating off the hard surfaces in the lobby, two 42- by 96-inch (1067 by 2438 mm) Whisperwave Ceiling Clouds are suspended over the reception desk. The 900-square foot (83.61-square meter) breakroom is separated with a half-wall that is adjacent to the climbing wall, conference room and lobby. An overhead glass door can be lowered to provide additional separation between the conference room and breakroom. Hung over the breakroom, 18 Balance Ceiling Clouds with dimensions of 46 by 46 inches (1168 by 1168 mm) help absorb sound within the space.

Whisperwave Ceiling Clouds, Panels and Baffles provide design flexibility and exceptional acoustical control across all frequencies. Class 1 fire-rated and lightweight, Whisperwave products are offered in standard and custom wave designs. These products are easy to install and are available in standard and custom dimensions in natural white and grey. Whisperwave acoustical products can also be HPC-coated in standard, premium or custom colors.

Balance Ceiling Clouds provide acoustical control while maintaining the appearance of an open ceiling. Completely preassembled, Balance products are easy to suspend from any ceiling or roof deck and are ideal for open-office environments and loft spaces. Balance Ceiling Clouds are composed of a 15/16 inch (24 mm) thick Whiteline Panel with a lightweight aluminum frame. Whiteline Panels feature fleece laminated to Class 1 fire-resistant willtec foam. Panels are available in white, black or custom colors. Offered in natural aluminum and white, Balance frames are available with non-exposed or exposed 3/8 inch (10 mm)-wide flange around the perimeter.