Mortar Net Solutions, a supplier of moisture management solutions for masonry walls, added new videos to its Quick Tips series of instructional videos that help masons and craftsmen work faster and make their jobs easier.

The new videos include tips on Installing a CompleteFlash inside corner boot, the best way to cut the TotalFlash termination bar and how to install TotalFlash in a step-down section of a masonry cavity wall. 

These new videos are just the latest addition to Mortar Net’s growing video library. Each Quick Tips video features short, comprehensive instructions with text detailing each step along the way, plus narration and demonstration from Mortar Net’s engineering and construction manager, Steven Fechino. 

“Quick Tips delivers helpful information in a fast, bite-sized format that means you not only save time learning to install our products, but also learn some handy tips to help make your workday easier,” said Fechino. “I was a mason for over thirty years and we made these tips so they could help someone like me eliminate installation headaches and save a few minutes every day.”