Mortar Net Solutions, a supplier of moisture management solutions for masonry walls, introduced a fast, efficient and secure flood remediation solution for affected homeowners.

The engineered 10-step process is a new concept in flood damage repair. What makes the solution unique is that all the demolition and reconstruction are accomplished from the inside of the structure, saving the cost of removing the brick veneer and allowing the home to remain secure throughout the process.

By keeping the masonry walls in place, the process saves on costs related to removing and replacing brick veneer and keeping the structure secure from weather, vandalism and theft. The system features WallNet-F and other products by Mortar Net Solutions, PROSOCO, Inc., Construction Tie Products and others.

“Mortar Net Solutions developed the flood remediation solution in response to the devastating amount of flooding experienced in the U.S. over the past year,” said Gary R. Johnson, president of Mortar Net Solutions. “While recovering from a flood is never easy, this process provides a quick and cost-effective solution for flood damage while adding important drainage and ventilation features that are standard practice in building high-performance cavity walls.”

A complete description and detailed instructions are available at the Mortar Net Solutions website. To learn more, visit