Decoustics Clean-Air Claro panel features the aesthetic of drywall in an acoustically transparent stipple textured design that boasts exceptional sound absorption with noise reduction coefficient values of up to 0.9. The panels are pre-curved and custom-engineered to attain a wide range of unique shapes and sizes while achieving a 94 percent light reflectance value. The panels can also be matched to any paint chip to meet specific design requirements.

The high-performance panel is manufactured using a high percentage of recycled content with no-added urea formaldehyde components. Given this material composition, the panel releases virtually no volatile organic compounds, providing LEED accreditation points and meeting Indoor Environmental Quality 4.1 standards.

The product also achieves Class A, the lowest flame spread rating for composite test and when installed onto Decoustics proprietary Ceilencio  suspension system it attains seismic approval for areas with high earthquake activity, making it a safe and reliable choice for all applications.

Decoustics Clean-Air Claro is customized and fully engineered for a precise fit and delivered on-site ready for installation. Panels can be integrated into Decoustics’ suspension and mounting systems, including Decoustics’ 100 percent downwardly accessible Ceilencio system.

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