ADEX, the Awards for Design Excellence, is the largest and most prestigious program recognizing products and projects in the architecture and design industry showcasing the best designs of the year. As an outcome of the 2018 ADEX Awards, CertainTeed Ceilings won three platinum awards in the Building Materials category specifically for the Acoustical Ceilings, Drywall Ceiling Systems and Suspended Ceilings product categories.

CertainTeed Ceilings’ winning innovations are a direct result of the brand’s ongoing commitment to being the right partner for designers, architects and contractors. The superior high-performance panels, grid systems and accessories awarded, offer a seamless look while installing quickly and easily for better value.  

An anonymous cross-sectioned panel of judges presented CertainTeed Ceilings with three platinum awards for the following products:

  • Symphony m - A series of smooth ceilings with design flexibility, Symphony m is a mineral fiber panel which provides excellent sound absorption (up to NRC 0.75) and noise blocking (33-41). Symphony m exceeds FGI Guidelines for cleanability and acoustic performance in healthcare applications and is a certified clean room component to ISO Class 4 (highest among comparable products).
  • QuickSpan Locking Drywall Grid System – An innovative, locking ceiling grid system that provides the industry’s longest unsupported spans for flat drywall. QuickSpan is engineered and designed to offer 10 times faster, easier installation in hallway and corridor applications, cutting installation time from two days to four hours. The QuickSpan locking system is composed of heavy-duty, metal materials for maximum rigidity and screw grip. Its locking channel includes pre-engineered locking tabs spaced every 8” on center, allowing tees to quickly twist and click into place to prevent lateral and upward movement or deflection. This provides the installer with peace of mind that the layout is accurate, and the channel is set.
  • SmartFit Yoke – This accessory enables faster installation of the suspension system when linear panels and fixtures require tightly spaced parallel main tees. It features a two-piece system with pre-drilled holes every inch, decreasing the number of required hanger wires and reducing installation time. This accessory is compatible with the entire line of CertainTeed acoustical and drywall suspension systems.