Tri Cascade, Inc., a subsidiary of SkyFidelity, Inc. and an Internet of Things (IoT) technology company, announces a partnership with Grupo Datco, a multi-dimensional telecommunications and IT provider based in Argentina. Tri Cascade and Grupo Datco will work together to drive IoT product and business development for Tri Cascade’s Smart IoT platform in Argentina and across South America.

Tri Cascade’s IoT technology features machine-to-machine network connectivity and Narrowband IoT technology developed to deliver next-generation smart home solutions in conjunction with the coming availability of 5G wireless connectivity.

Grupo Datco is a leader in the South American telecommunications and IT industry with significant fiber, wireless, broadcast and IT assets in Argentina and other parts of the Latin American region, including significant assets in key 5G spectrum bands. Grupo Datco is at the forefront of technological and business innovation in the region and uniquely positioned to help Tri Cascade grow.

“Tri Cascade is excited for the opportunity to partner with an established, respected brand like Grupo Datco with decades of experience working alongside multinational technology companies to make an impact in the South American telecom and IT sector,” said Max Li, president and CEO of Tri Cascade. “I’ve worked with Grupo Datco for more than 30 years and believe strongly that they have the knowledge and infrastructure in place to help Tri Cascade become the IoT technology leader in the region.”