To honor a century-long heritage of responsibility and highlight innovative ESG-related enhancements and initiatives, USG partnered with 50,000feet to launch the global brand’s corporate sustainability program.

50,000feet began with a strategic discovery phase to summarize and synthesize USG’s vision and range of initiatives in combating climate change and conserving resources, as well as to uncover and align stakeholder, customer and community expectations of USG’s efforts. Using these insights, the company developed a creative platform to provide the foundation for the campaign, Thinking Beyond the Building, conveying USG’s leadership and expertise in design and architecture and their transparency in communicating sustainability goals.

The campaign uses layering to provide textural grounding with graphic circles that create focal points across channels and throughout communications, offering a view into USG’s evolving sustainability perspectives. 50,000feet created a landing page that offers a comprehensive overview of the sustainability program, including featured products, statistics, certifications and downloadable content. A subpage provides specific details regarding initiatives and goals that USG will achieve by 2030, organized by four main areas of impact: Transforming our Footprint, Enhancing Customer Well-Being, Delivering a Circular Economy and Putting People First.

Supporting the digital experience, the company's team developed a downloadable PDF as a reference for visitors and a comprehensive sales presentation for USG employees to use with clients. 50,000feet also created social media assets with supporting captions, digital banners and print advertising to grow visibility and drive digital engagement.

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