Material handling equipment supplier, Jesco Iron Craft, Inc. d/b/a Jescraft, is phasing in Quick Response Codes (also known as QR codes) on its product labels. Jescraft’s introduction of QR codes on its product labels will convey to users, important safety, maintenance and assembly instructions, using technology to make this information easily accessible on their smartphones! Once the QR code is scanned, the specific product information can be accessed immediately or downloaded, emailed or printed for future reference. Incorporating of use of the QR codes and/or URLs to pages on the Jescraft website is not only a green solution, reducing waste in printed materials, but also an efficient solution, increasing productivity by automating the process for externally communicating product information. Scanning the code is possible with a QR scanner or reader available at no cost in the app store on a smart phone, i.e. iPhone, Android or other mobile device. This initiative further enhances the mobile experience of the company’s redesigned website,