The 63-unit Cypress Apartments — located in San Diego’s East Village and designed by Carrier Johnson + CULTURE — has been awarded the Gold Nugget Grand Award in the category of Best Supportive/Transitional Housing.


Cypress Apartments

Designed on a limited budget for a public-private partnership led by developer Affirmed Housing, the permanent supportive housing Cypress Apartments earned the Grand Award for providing a beautiful and welcoming home featuring gracious amenities and supportive services on-site for its formerly homeless residents. Built on a small construction site, the residence also features a bold, artful facade that reflects and enhances the surrounding East Village neighborhood and its thriving arts community.


Gold Nugget Awards

The 700+ total entries across all categories in the 2018 Gold Nugget Awards, presented by the Pacific Coast Builders Conference (PCBC), come from across the U.S. and internationally. Winners of the Gold Nugget Awards are determined by an invited panel of judges, "some of the most creative and successful designers, planners and builders in our industry,” according to the PCBC.


Pushing Boundaries

The Grand Award for Cypress Apartments reflects Carrier Johnson + CULTURE’s commitment to serving each client's mission, to pushing the boundaries of design innovation, and to making San Diego an architectural destination city.