This May 60 percent of the top Metal Builders of 2017 that participated in a Metal Construction News survey said the biggest challenge they face is the labor shortage. Using framing sub-systems is one way to ease that pain.


Radius Track Corporation designs, engineers, and fabricates framing sub-systems with the architect and contractor in mind to place equal priority on honoring the design intent and delivering a constructable solution.


Honor the Design Intent

Radius Track designers collaborate virtually and in-person with project teams to gain a clear understanding of the design intent. We study the construction documents and as-built conditions to develop the set of rules and parameters required to execute the architect’s vision.


Designed for Cladding of Choice

Our framing sub-systems allow design teams to specify their finish material - for interior surfaces or exterior envelopes. For metal cladding specifically, shingles of brass, stainless steel, or zinc, ACM panels, standing-seam, unitized sections, mica coated aluminum panels and more have all been shaped by a Radius Track sub-system.


Constructable Solutions

Radius Track advanced 3D models incorporate as-built scan conditions and each trade’s requirements and constraints. We follow a systematic, iterative approach to analyzing all layers and interfaces between the structure and the skin – until we know the full system is constructable.


Radius Track framing sub-systems may be stick built or unitized. The system is delivered to the project team with advanced 2D and 3D installation protocols and support from the dedicated Design Technologist. We stay with you until the job is done.


Bridge the Gap from Complexity to Constructability

Radius Track Corporation collaborates with your team to design, engineer and fabricate sub-systems for curved and complex surfaces. We develop fully-engineered solutions that anticipate and resolve issues on roofs, walls, ceilings and façades.


Our expertise focuses on the elements between the structure and the skin. We design sub-framing to set the surface geometry and receive your choice of finish material. Our advanced 3D modeling and system integration assimilates trade partners’ constraints and as-built conditions. Each trade partner receives installation guidelines to ensure accurate, clash-free installation.


We collaborate with pre-construction teams to define the sub-system from the start. For issues identified post-award, we collaborate to review the reality of an existing design and develop a value-driven, constructable solution to deliver the design intent.