Los Angeles-based developer, the Korda Group, had a unique opportunity when it purchased the once-famous 4 Star Theater, site of many high-profile Hollywood film premiers in the 1930’s and 1940’s. The Korda Group decided to pay homage to the theater by designing a mixed-use structure in the Art Deco style reminiscent of that time period.


The Korda Group commissioned Plus Architects to design the mixed-use building with the luxury amenities residents expect, as well as the quiet living space they demand. Amenities include lofts with 18-foot ceilings, private balconies, pool and jacuzzi, gym, lounges, clubhouse, dog wash, and an outdoor movie theater. On the ground floor, there will be 13,000 square-feet of retail space. The whole project sits atop two levels of subterranean parking, equipped with EV charging stations for electric cars.


Westside Contractors, Inc. was chosen as the general contractor. To keep with the Korda Group’s vision Westside chose Gyp-Fill Enterprises, Inc. to install the 82,000 square-foot floor underlayment and sound control mat system to contain noise between units and provide a level surface for the high-end finished floor coverings.


To achieve the desired IIC/STC sound ratings, Gyp-Fill installed Firm-Fill SCM-400, a high-end sound reduction mat that offers a 3/8” void-space to greatly improve IIC ratings. A 1-1/2” of Firm-Fill 2010+ concrete underlayment was then installed to improve airborne (STC) sound while creating a hard, flat surface for floor coverings. Not only did the system improve sound ratings, but the IBC code-approved products meet the necessary UL fire rating, as well.


Gyp-Fill Enterprise’s goal is to provide their clients with quality products and excellent service in gypsum concrete floor underlayment and sound control mat installation. They made the decision early on to invest in the most advanced pumping equipment and technology in the market to accurately apply the material mix for every pour. Their clients can feel safe knowing that the mix is calculated to meet code approvals, giving piece of mind that their product will not fail now or in the future. You can reach Gyp-Fill Enterprises at 818-303-9626 for a free estimate and find them online at www.GypFillEnterprise.com.


Since 1983, Hacker Industries, Inc. has supplied high quality Firm-Fill Gypsum Concrete Underlayments and Firm-Fill Sound Control Mats, applied by the best licensed applicators, to the building community. This commitment to extraordinary value has made Firm-Fill products a staple in the industry.


For use over wood subfloors, Firm-Fill 2010+ floor underlayment is the product of choice. It stiffens the subfloor to eliminate squeaks and nail pops and provides a solid floor while remaining safe for the environment. Firm-Fill 2010+ floor underlayment creates additional surface hardness and compressive strengths up to 3200 psi.


For luxury, high-end multifamily projects, Firm-Fill SCM-400 delivers extraordinary IIC values. At 3/8” (10mm) thick, it provides additional noise control when a thicker mat is specified. There is minimal deflection and no creep or long-term degradation.