Construction material supplier, Logan Contractors Supply provides sound solutions to today’s construction challenges from six Midwest locations. Logan carries ACH Foam Technologies’ line of molded polystyrene insulations for use both below- and above- grade including cavity walls and roofs, under slabs and foundations; and void-fill and structural loading.


“Bottom-dollar, low-bid is rarely the best way to go,” says owner Bruce Logan of the products he carries and recommends to his customers. Logan made a similar investment himself on a new 15,000-SF North Liberty, Iowa location, which includes retail sales floor, offices, warehouse and vehicle/equipment service shop.


“We felt wise in asking our architects to specify products that we carry where possible,” says Logan. “We know their quality and performance; we know the companies, and the sales people too. So, of course, we wanted to build with what we sell.” Reviewing the specifications, Logan asked the architect to adjust approximately 30 different items including insulation, sealants, dyes, and adhesives. “ACH Foam Technologies is a great example of the intangibles we look for in superior products and service,” says Logan.


ACH Foam Technologies’ line of molded polystyrene insulation was used around the concrete foundation walls to increase the building envelope’s R-value and shield the foundation from the lateral pressures of the area’s expansive soils. Logan selected Foam-Control PLUS+ 250 an architectural insulation with high compressive-strength and stable R-values that is warrantied for 50-years. Foam-Control PLUS+’s closed cell structure has also been scientifically proven to resists moisture absorption as well, or better than, other rigid foam insulations on the market.


“The quality is high, and we like that they are just 50-miles away,” says Logan, sharing that local proximity is both economically and environmentally advantageous. Logan also appreciates the time and effort ACH Foam Technologies takes in helping contractors develop precise purchase orders and tailored material delivery schedules that eliminate clutter on the job without compromising smooth, seamless construction progress. “When it’s time to backfill against a foundation, if you don’t have the insulation ready then progress is going to halt,” finishes Logan. “The strong relationship we have with ACH Foam Technologies and their can-do attitude gets the job done no matter what we need or when we need it.”