In early November, Trim-Tex inspired the next generation to consider career paths in manufacturing and the trades by hosting Manufacturing Day at their location in Lincolnwood, IL.


Trim-Tex saw Manufacturing Day as an opportunity to invite 8th graders from Jungman Elementary School to learn about innovative options in the industry as well as the value that lies in being a part of the trades. Manufacturing Day is a nationwide initiative to provide youth across the nation with an up-close look into the manufacturing industry to show the expansive career options that the industry holds. Trim-Tex employees across each department presented their experiences to the 8th graders in order to expand their vision of what it means to work for a manufacturing company. The operations team also presented on the benefits of pursuing a job in the trades and how it competes with the college route. Along with potential job opportunities, they also got to learn about the process of design, science, and innovation that goes into creating each corner bead at Trim-Tex.


After ending the day by taking a tour of the facility led by Trim-Tex Owner Joe Koenig and seeing the strength of the bead displayed in the Trim-Tex Training Center by Inside Sales Representative Enrique Perez, 8th graders left the Trim-Tex facility with a newfound knowledge of the extensive processes that are involved in manufacturing.