Heath Slawner of the Simon Sinek organization will present the keynote speech titled “Start with Why” at the 2019 EIMA Annual Meeting to be held on March 20-22 at The Woodlands Resort, located just north of Houston, Texas.


“Everyone has a WHY. Do you know yours? The WHY is the purpose, cause or belief that drives every one of us. The whole concept of WHY is grounded in the tenets of the biology of human decision making. How the Golden Circle works maps perfectly with how the brain works.” -Simon Sinek


First introduced in 2009 in a TED Talk, Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why” concept has swept the nation. Heath Slawner, one of the “Ignitors” in Sinek’s organization, is a passionate speaker whose gift lies in connecting people and ideas with creative energy. With his work at the intersection of leadership, influence and trust, Heath vividly shares insights and perspectives that help others take performance to the next level.


Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this fantastic keynote presentation. Mark your calendars now for the 2019 EIMA Annual Meeting. This is one industry meeting you won’t want to miss!


Annual meeting details, spon-sorship opportunities, regis-tration and hotel information will be published early in the New Year. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the 2019 EIMA Annual Meet-ing, please feel free to con-tact any member of the EIMA staff.