BIM objects for ATAS products have been created and can be found on the ATAS website. Building Information Modeling is being used increasingly when designing and constructing a building, as it streamlines collaboration on a project. All the stakeholders work from a single virtual model, keeping everyone on the same page. Changes made by any user are made universally and in real time, instantly viewable by everyone else with access. BIM improves efficiency by reducing errors, increasing the speed of the construction process, and lowering project costs, resulting in a better constructed building. It is also a valuable tool for facility managers to use regarding future maintenance issues.


With the addition of BIM objects on the ATAS website, it enhances the architectural/engineering community’s ease of incorporating ATAS products within the design of a building. A user can easily download the Revit files needed and incorporate them into a BIM model, and ATAS technical services team members are available for assistance with the BIM objects as needed.