Simpson Strong-Tie will bring its new, precision-made Yield-Link connection and additional structural and cold-formed steel (CFS) and fastener product innovations and solutions to 2019 NASCC: The Steel Conference April 3–5 in St. Louis, Missouri.


Produced by the American Institute of Steel Construction, the Steel Conference is the premier educational and networking event for the structural steel industry, bringing together structural engineers, steel fabricators, erectors and detailers for an expansive tradeshow and educational programming on the latest structural steel design concepts, construction techniques and research.


Designed to absorb forces in a seismic event, the Yield-Link connection requires no field welding and allows beams to be designed without supplemental lateral bracing, resulting in fewer fabricated steel elements and field connections. Software plugins to assist Designers, fabricators and erectors in incorporating the Yield-Link connections into their designs will be available for Steel Conference attendees to test-drive at the show.


“The Yield-Link connection helps simplify and streamline structural steel connections made in the field without compromising structural strength” said Tim Ellis, market segment manager for structural steel at Simpson Strong-Tie. “By eliminating field welding, the Yield-Link helps to reduce costs and improve jobsite efficiencies while still delivering a path to safer structural steel construction.”


In addition to the Yield-Link connection, Simpson Strong-Tie (booth 1541) will also showcase its latest connector and fastener solutions and software, including the following:

  • Strong-Drive XL Large-Head and XM Medium-Head metal screws are load-tested and code-listed screws designed for steel-decking applications where high shear or uplift resistance is required.
  • The Quik Drive BSD200 and Quik Drive PROSDX150 auto-feed screw driving systems accelerate fastening for wide-valley nestable steel deck to structural steel members where the maximum load values of the Strong-Drive metal screws are required.
  • CFS Designer software provides CFS Designers the ability to design CFS beam-column members according to AISI specifications and to analyze complex beam-loading and span conditions.

For more information, please visit our 2019 NASCC booth 1541 or visit our website at