Gordon, Inc. has reached a milestone this April, celebrating 55 years as a manufacturer of architectural metals and construction specialty products for interior and exterior applications. In celebration of its anniversary, Gordon has redefined its brand image and descriptor to further amplify the company’s innovation, vision and value.


For 55 years Gordon, Inc. has delivered innovative architectural and engineered solutions for interior and exterior applications. Through its industry experience, Gordon has developed a strong understanding of customer needs and has acquired the resources, support systems and next-level manufacturing technologies that architects, designers, contractors, owners, and others need to meet the complex challenges of multiple applications. The company offers solutions for interior, exterior, acoustical, data center, cleanroom, security, and ornamental applications.


Tommy Wynn, President and Chief Operating Officer for Gordon stated, “Though we have built a strong foundation for the company over the past 55 years, we are constantly evolving and working to exceed market expectations. This fuels our product development, resources, and partnerships. Our new logo and descriptor underscore our objectives for the future of the company while reflecting on the strong history and tradition that has made us who we are today.”


A new logo was designed to support the streamlined descriptor and expanded mission of the company. The logo builds on Gordon’s legend “G,” with a clean, architectural font that signals the company’s modernization. The red line emphasizes the “G,” conveying forward movement and a solid foundation. The addition of the descriptor “Architectural + Engineered Solutions” better positions Gordon by clearly stating the solutions the company delivers.


“As an employee-owned business, we understand the critical nature of integrity and follow through on commitments made during design and budget stages culminating with high quality, on-time, and successful completions for contractors. We have developed a strong team of employee-professionals, including degreed architects, engineers, and construction managers, who work side-by-side with our clients throughout a project. On our anniversary we are proud to celebrate our team and partners and look forward to all the future has to hold,” said Ron Rice, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Gordon, Inc.