The Steel Framing Industry Association (SFIA) released the industry’s most up-to-date Guide Specifications, “054000 – Load Bearing Cold-Formed Metal Framing” and “092216 – Non-Load-Bearing CFS Framing.” The guides follow the MasterSpec format, and covers all of the key considerations an architect and specifier should account for, including development of submittals, quality assurance, current manufacturers, and performance requirements. Importantly, both documents contain up-to-date references for all ASTM, AISI, and similar standards.


Patrick W. Ford, technical director for the SFIA, says, “It’s surprising to see the number of specifications for cold-formed steel that are out of date. And when a job gets off on the wrong foot, it can create real problems, including delays and higher costs for cold-formed steel framing.” He adds that the new SFIA Guide Specs will help specifiers ensure that their Project Specifications are current and correct so that the project will get the full benefit of the speed and efficiencies available with cold-formed steel.


Copies of both the 054000 and 092215 Guide Specifications are available for download from the SFIA site.