In April 2019, NCFI Polyurethanes hires Joshua Burcaw as Executive Vice President to head the Terrathane Geotechnical Division.


In 1997, during Winter and Summer college breaks, you would have found Joshua Burcaw drilling holes in roadways for 8-10 hours a day along California's Interstate 5 in preparation for the injection of a geotechnical polyurethane to rehabilitate the highway. The work was hot, repetitive, and certainly not full of glory, but Josh pressed on. Over the next 22 years, as an eventual Vice President and CEO of URETEK, he developed a career of training and growing organizations nationally to develop and innovate the geotechnical polyurethane market. In April 2019, NCFI Polyurethanes hires him as Executive Vice President and to head their Terrathane Geotechnical Division.


Polyurethane is one of the most exciting geotechnical rehabilitation technologies in the past 25 years. The application has helped innovate the soil grouting industry by providing a fast, cost-effective, highly adaptable, and environmentally friendly chemical grout for stabilizing and strengthening weak soils.


"I have seen the industry come out of its infancy and evolve into a global solution for soil and structural rehabilitation. Over the years the application has shrunk the size, time and cost of soil repair and the complexity has grown from small residential work to large infrastructure and industrial projects," states Joshua Burcaw. "NCFI brings outstanding geotechnical polymers to the market that are bolstered by over 50 years of manufacturing expertise, quality control processes, and cutting-edge R&D, all of which give our contractors a competitive edge."


Since 1964, NCFI has been manufacturing polyurethane systems for a variety of industrial applications, including spray in place insulation (SPF), roofing, geotechnical, marine flotation, packaging, refrigeration, molding, and many other applications.


"The Terrathane geotechnical product line has been one of our fastest growing market segments in the company," states Chip Holton, President of NCFI. "Having Josh's experience and seasoned leadership will help Terrathane expand into new customer segments and better support our current customers' needs. The geotechnical market is very important for NCFI's long-term growth and we feel we are in a strong position to be a leader in this market segment."


Terrathane geotechnical polymers are specialty formulations custom designed to work within unique geological conditions to achieve a variety of structural rehabilitation applications, including, but not limited to, foundation and roadway rehabilitation, soil densification, void filling, sewer and manhole sealing, and seawall repair. NCFI works with and provides training to a network of applicators, which include some of the largest geotechnical contractors in the United States.