The August Buzz Guide features products from a variety of brands in the construction industry, including selections from the following:

  • Available Soon—True-Brace Mechanical Bridging & True-Brace Clips
  • Architectural Interior Walls Systems
  • New Fast Edge & Fast Edge Paper
  • Fast and Easy Installation With Ceiling Transition Molding
  • BackerBead® With E-Flange™ Design
  • Deflection Clip Line Expanded
  • NPCN-7312 & Ballistic Pins
  • Beat Bulk Water: TYPAR® Drainable Wrap™
  • Vapor Permeable Elastic Water Barrier
  • Dust-Free Sanding System
  • Stockton Products™ introduces the new “Finish Rite™” plaster trim designs
  • The Original Concrete & Plaster Bonding Agents
  • Deflection Challenges Conquered
  • Carrousel® Pump® and U-Blend Mixer®
  • Rubber Stucco Finish

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