In an industry typically dominated by men, women continue to push the limits, encouraging others to follow suit and serving as an inspiration for how to be successful. Jane Metzger and Brigid O’Malley are business owners of construction and building material companies based in St. Paul, Minn. O’Malley and Metzger are proud representations of successful female leaders in the generally male-dominated construction arena and frequently partner with one another on commercial projects because of their dependability, trust, and ability to find solutions to any project issues that may arise.

These female leaders have created solid partnerships with other companies that seek to promote women in construction. With Johns Manville for example, they frequently partner with two women, Carly Feldmann, territory manager, and Megan Keyes, national accounts manager, forming a rare female-dominated construction supply channel. We sat down with the four professionals to discuss the industry and here’s what they had to say.


The Q&A

What has been the biggest challenge in working in the construction industry, and how did you overcome it?