Focal Point has been addressing needs beyond lighting with the company’s Acoustics Solutions program, intended to improve human comfort and resolve some of the challenges of today’s commercial environments. The latest introduction to the program, Seem 1 Acoustic Trio, a Y-shaped sound absorbing pendant, creates visual interest while addressing high noise levels and delivering optimal illumination.

“Focal Point is continuing to bring a new value proposition to the market, built around visual and acoustical comfort to enhance common multi-use, open environments,” stated Mike Thornton, Chief Marketing Officer for Focal Point LLC. “We continue to listen to our customers and leverage our vertically integrated operations to develop innovative products that are functional, easy to install, and resolve the challenges of today’s interior spaces.”

Seem 1 Acoustic Trio is designed as a companion to the linear Seem 1 Acoustic, leveraging the same narrow aperture, advanced light engine, and eco-friendly, sound absorbing housing material. The latter is made of 100 percent polyester containing up to 50 percent of recycled plastic bottles (PET), reducing its ecological impact and providing an ASTM E-84 Class A / CAN ULC S102 firing rating.

Seem 1 Acoustic Trio and Seem 1 Acoustic share a common color palette comprised of 30 hues and matching vertical suspension points, resulting in easy integration and a harmonized visual aesthetic when used as a system.

Seem 1 Acoustic Trio can be used as a stand-alone pendant, in a cluster, or as part of an integrated ceiling system with linear Seem 1 Acoustic luminaires and baffles.

The housing material, unique Y shape, and patent pending AirCore technology help maximize sound absorption, with an increase in performance of up to 40 percent compared to a linear baffle for the same surface area.

To meet the needs of diverse interior spaces, the pendant is available in 4' and 6' diameters with direct, indirect, and direct/indirect light distributions or unlit with a variety of housing heights (8", 12", 16"), lumen output options (up to 4800 direct and up to 7200 indirect), and 80 or 90 CRI.

Seem 1 Acoustic Trio is more than a pendant, it is a functional architectural statement that addresses a growing need: increasing the comfort and well-being of those who inhabit the spaces.