ASTM E3157-19, Standard Guide for Understanding and Using Information Related to the Installation of Firestop Systems (ASTM Guide), was published in June 2019. This ASTM Guide was developed by a task group at ASTM.

The ASTM Guide contains many recommendations, some of which could increase the cost of the project and possibly impact the schedule, along with incorrect statements and terms. Further, the ASTM Guide presents product usage limitations NOT listed in: the Manufacturers’ installation instructions; product data sheets; UL, FM, Intertek, or other laboratory listings; or directory guide Information.

FCIA’s Standards Committee Chairs, Eric Keeton (Dalton Protection, Inc.) and Tracy Smith (Firestop Southwest), along with other FCIA Members and Executive Director, Bill McHugh, participated in the ASTM Task Group during development. The group raised objections that were NOT originally addressed in the final ASTM Guide, which has now been published and is actively being promoted by other organizations. The significant list of objections submitted were voted down procedurally without adequate discussion before publication of the ASTM Guide.

According to the Firestop Manufacturers participating at the ASTM Task Group meetings, each a member of the International Firestop Council (the Firestop Manufacturers Association), the new ASTM Guide is an OPTIONAL document and is not to be considered a mandatory document, as it is a Guide.

Therefore, FCIA does not endorse use of the ASTM Guide by Specifiers, AHJ’s, Inspection Agencies, and Contractors.

FCIA recommends that Firestop installation Contractors consider qualifications and exclusions that specifically address the ASTM Guide.

As with all contract issues, consider contacting the company attorney or legal department about your specific needs.

FCIA Members and Staff remain committed to working diligently at ASTM and with the Firestop Manufacturers to make the ASTM Guide a value to the industry.

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