More than 150 national constitutions around the world guarantee an individual’s right to privacy. Yet all it takes is one “Peeping Tom” incident to crush a person’s feeling of solitude and security.

“Almost every day there are news stories about criminals caught peeping into homes,” says Roger Murphy, president of Hy-Lite, a U.S. Block Windows Company. “Sadly, these incidents oftentimes involve people preying on children. Just last month a man was caught looking in a home’s window at a two-year-old girl. In August, a serial peeper was arrested in California.

“Privacy is such a vital and personal right. As homeowners we should do everything possible to protect our families and our privacy.”

Crime Prevention Month

During Crime Prevention Month in October, Murphy recommends taking steps to evaluate ways to increase privacy in home environments. From mounting video doorbells to adding fences to installing privacy windows, there are a variety of ways people can enhance their physical privacy while at home.

“We don’t want to scare anyone into purchasing privacy windows,” says Murphy.

“However, the truth is that first floor bedrooms — especially those of children — are more susceptible to unwanted attention. Replacing a clear glass window with a privacy window reduces the opportunity for Peeping Toms to gain a direct view at a home’s residents.

“It’s easy to say ‘oh, we have shades or curtains’ but the truth is that people often forget — or choose not — to close them every night. And, what about the daytime hours? People want natural sunlight in their homes. Having window treatments drawn closed all the time can make a person feel like a prisoner in their own home.”

Privacy Window Options

One of the most important aspects of privacy windows is their ability to allow in light while obscuring the view. Ideal for master bathrooms, children’s bedrooms, laundry rooms and hallways, privacy windows add to the interior design style of a home --- while keeping unwanted eyes outside the home.

Decorative glass privacy windows come in a variety of sizes and styles. Available as both fixed and operable units, the windows can feature metal caming, light-filtering silkscreen designs and choices of privacy levels to suit the use of a room. Acrylic block windows also offer light and ventilation in a room, while creating an obscure privacy situation. Different styles of acrylic blocks are available to help complement different room settings.

Acrylic block interior shutters are another privacy alternative. The prefabricated panels install easily over existing windows in just minutes. When closed, the shutters enhance the privacy of a room.

With fingertip controls, Vari-Lite windows feature between-glass blinds that can easily be raised, lowered and tilted open. Homeowners can select the view they desire: full view, partial view or full closed for maximum privacy. And, because the blinds are encased in clear tempered safety glass, the cord-free operation reduces safety risks to children and pets.

“For more than 30 years we’ve perfected the art of bringing decorative privacy and natural light into homes,” says Murphy. “There are at least a dozen positive reasons why privacy windows should be included in a home. From design artistry to ventilation to creating one’s own personal space, privacy windows are a great solution. They also happen to be a good deterrent to Peeping Toms.”