After a year of planning, testing and analysis, the team at BRACELOK are delighted to announce their rigid bracing solution GRIDLOK for ceiling systems, has a preapproval with OPM-0544-13 from OSHPD.

GRIDLOK is an exciting option for specialty ceiling contractors, reducing install time and skill level requirements dramatically, saving costs in the process. With a mechanical connection to the ceiling system preventing connection failure, the unique design also allows rotation of the bracing footprint through 360 degrees to help avoid service clashes.

GRIDLOK can be used with any heavy-duty grid from Armstrong, CertainTeed and USG. With the ability to reduce the number of connections from 5 to 3, GRIDLOK provides a more resilient connection with only one anchor per connection to the deck.

Specialty Contractors have indicated GRIDLOK as their product of choice for fast and efficient bracing of ceiling systems. CertainTeed Acoustical Suspension Systems have also added additional momentum by including GRIDLOK as their preferred method of rigid bracing in their new Seismic Technical Guide.

BRACELOK Wall Bracing OPM status with OSHPD

BRACELOK RETRO for non-load bearing wall bracing recently received OPM-0377-13 from OSHPD.

BRACELOK provides significant savings by allowing a standard deep track head track to be used in most instances as opposed to slotted or nested tracks. This results in very significant cost savings and a reduction in the amount of skilled labor required.

OSHPD braces are typically at 4 ft. centers, refreshingly BRACELOK is generally at 8 ft. centers reducing lift time and ensuring inspectors are dealing with a consistent and proven solution.

We want to acknowledge the excellent work by the team at Degenkolb who provided supervision of the testing regime and the ongoing interface with OSHPD. We also want to thank the OSHPD staff led by Jeff Kikumoto. This has been truly a team effort, requiring precision in defining and achieving the OPM parameters.