Repairing large holes in drywall has long been a time-consuming project synonymous with an extended turnaround and lagging dry-time. With this in mind, DAP has introduced new DAP Fast Dry Premium Spackling to allow professionals and DIYers to complete repair projects in record time.

Developed specifically for large drywall repairs, DAP Fast Dry Premium Spackling is a professional-grade spackling compound that will have users finishing substantial drywall repair projects eight times faster when compared to using other heavyweight spackling compounds. The smooth, one-strike application leaves a rock-solid coat that won’t sink, shrink or crack, offering superior impact resistance and is paint ready in as little as just 15 minutes.

“Professionals and homeowners can now get the best of both worlds with DAP Fast Dry Premium Spackling,” said Megan Youngs, senior product manager at DAP. “With our innovative hybrid formula, there’s no compromising on performance. They can expect to see the same high-quality results that a heavyweight spackling — typically required by large drywall projects — would provide, but with an even faster dry time than a lightweight spackling.”

The spackling’s smooth surface appearance can easily be sanded after an hour for an even and blemish-free finish, providing an ideal surface for painting that doesn’t need to be primed and won’t flash when finished. DAP Fast Dry Premium Spackling is formulated to deliver professional strength and durability, offering an impact resistance three-times stronger than its competitors. This ready-to-use formula is also low-odor, easy water cleanup and can be used for indoor and outdoor repairs.

DAP Fast Dry Premium Spackling is sold in pint and quart containers and can be found at major home centers, including The Home Depot, and local home improvement retailers nationwide. For more information, visit