AD will be shifting to a virtual format for its Industrial and Safety – U.S. and PHCP spring network meetings, both scheduled for this month, after carefully weighing the potential impacts of coronavirus on its members and supplier partners.

“We respect our attendees’ roles as leaders in their local businesses, homes and communities,” CEO Bill Weisberg said. “We recognize that good leaders need and want to lead from the front lines. As such, and although we know that our members and supplier partners place great value on AD meetings and networks, we believe that it’s more appropriate this year to enable them to stay close to home and focus on operations and business continuity efforts for employees and customers, as well as their families and communities.”

Arrangements are being made for the virtual format, where ISD-U.S. and PHCP will be conducting member business meetings, hosting Q&A sessions, and facilitating conference calls for network sessions.

Decisions are being tabled for AD’s Electrical and Gypsum Supply meetings, slated for later in April. As AD has done with ISD-U.S. and PHCP, a cross-functional team will closely monitor the situation and make a decision later this month.

“We look forward to delivering some great virtual sessions with our ISD-U.S. and PHCP participants over the next two weeks,” Weisberg said.