L&W Supply Customers, 

Thanks for your business and for working through this difficult situation with us. It is our goal to continue serving you as long as we feel we can do so safely, and as long as all of us are permitted to operate. Should we have to pause our service in any market, we will do our best to notify you as quickly as possible. It’s our hope that you don’t learn of such news from a sign on a door, but in the current environment we are being forced to react to quickly changing situations market by market and sometimes branch to branch. For updates, please keep an eye on our website and stay in touch with our local teams. We’ll do our best to stay in front of anything that needs to be communicated.

In our effort to adapt to the challenges of operating safely in the COVID-19 environment, we have decided that beginning this week we are restricting access to L&W branches to L&W personnel only. We will continue to operate in most of our branches, but we will be taking all orders over the phone, via fax, text, email or other electronic means, and then working with you in our yards and parking lots.

Delivery service will continue as normal in most areas of the country. If you are in a jurisdiction where this is not possible, we will communicate locally on how we’ll proceed and we’ll work with you in monitoring government communications. And please understand that we are asking our associates to practice social distancing on your jobsites as well.

In a world where many businesses are getting more and more impersonal, something we all love about our industry are the great people we get to meet with every day at our locations across the country. So any effort to limit our interaction with you is not taken lightly, but we feel this is necessary to keep everyone safe.

We look forward to shaking your hands and talking over a cup of coffee with you soon.

Stay safe.

Dan Piche’