Finish Coat Trowel
CO.ME Trowels
Italy’s Bianko ProFlex is a new product that has been developed for drywall skim coat, finishing coat plaster and drywall compound. The trowel helps workers achieve walls that will remain clear with no marks; the chromium coating allows a quicker application and an easier and faster cleaning of the blade once finished.  

The products can be purchased directly from the company’s Italian factory, and this summer are available in North America, according to CO.ME’s Sales & Export Manager Simone Cechhin. 

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Electrical Box for Fire-coded Drywall
The ezBoxPRO is a tool that marks the location of electrical boxes on drywall and it also protects electrical boxes and wires—this makes the jobs of electricians, drywallers, insulators and builders easier and saves money. The product locates electrical boxes while drywall sheets are hung, eliminating time consuming measuring and cutting while preventing unintended covering of electrical boxes. It keeps both the wires and electrical box covered until it is removed for final wiring.

The product may be purchased at, ToolPro and at select building supply distribution companies (a complete list can be found at the company’s site).


Flat Finishing Extension Handle
Drywall Master Tools
The Warrior Flat Finishing Extension Handle is the lightest mechanical extension handle on the market at less than 3 pounds. The Warrior extends from 38 to 60 inches with the quick press of a button, no attachments required. The product is thick, yet lightweight at 1¼-inch diameter.  

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Auto-feed Driving System
Simpson Strong-Tie
The Quik Drive PRODW is the newly improved auto-feed screw driving system for attaching drywall, DensGlass and other sheathing to wood or CFS. It provides a precise self-locking depth adjustment, a ratcheting rotatable head (for clearance in space-restricted corners) and a variety of adapters to work with your preferred screw driver motor. Like all Simpson Strong-Tie Quik Drive systems, the PRODW is backed by the Simpson Strong-Tie Limited Lifetime Warranty. 

“The tool has been redesigned with the installer in mind to be lighter in weight and more ergonomic, with additional improvements to the collated-screw feed mechanism,” says Galen Longley, senior product manager, Fastening Systems, Simpson Strong-Tie. “The PRODW tool’s lighter weight results in less user fatigue and improved jobsite productivity.”  

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Drywall Washing System
The Washmaster Pro is a drywall tool washing system designed to have a small footprint while doing a big job. The product washes drywall taping tools using a proprietary Washmaster Juice to de-foam and separate the mud from the water. The mud can be recycled and the water used over and over and finally being used to thin future mixes.

The machine is lightweight with a small footprint and is easily transported in the back of a vehicle. The tank cover and pump assembly lid are designed to reduce splashing. Workers can transport or move filled tanks with less splashing.

The water pump is a high pressure (45 psi), high-flow pump that shuts off when not in use.

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Skimming Blades
Barnaby Tools & Equipment
The BeroGrip line of skimming blades are the most versatile drywall finishing blades in the industry. Available in four sizes from 10 to 20 inches, the line combines a fluted, ergonomic grip with superior INOX stainless steel to make sure that contractors have a perfect tool for applying mud during the pre-fill stage of drywall finishing all the way through to obtaining a glass-like, Level 5 finish. The line features rounded corners to prevent drag lines and a unique design that moves the fulcrum back into the grip, ensuring ten times more contact area with the surface over traditional taping knives.

“BeroGrip skimming blades are immediately recognizable by their unique handle,” says President Craig Barnaby. “Instead of the “S-curve” of the original red handled blades, the BeroGrip line starts with a sturdy, gun-metal grey handle made from a lightweight poly product. The handle’s profile is a unique barrel shape that is lined with a fluted grip to make sure it will not slip during use. The BEROXpert team then set to work taking the feedback we had received from our contractor friends, and created two separate blades. 

The BeroGrip line is available through the parent company of BEROXpert North America. The line is available through a network of dealers and distributors located across the United States and Canada. For more information, visit


Skimming Blade
Advance Equipment
Reduce jobsite fatigue from constantly bending and reaching down to switch tools while skimming and patching walls. The Radius Skimming Blade can be used with a single hand, doing the job of two-handed smoothing blades. Achieve a Level 5 finish with the blade. 

This thin, flexible and light weight skimming blade is ideal for smoothing with an offset blade and radius corners. The single hand use provides a natural drywall finish feel with little learning curve. It’s also great for use behind finishing boxes for less sanding. The blades are available in 10, 12, 14 and 16 inch lengths. All products are proudly made in the U.S.

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