It’s no secret that trade industries have been dealing with a shortage of labor causing issues with project delays and quality of work. That being said, High Performance Insulation Professionals is working to connect contractors with qualified labor using the High Performance Recruiter.

The HP Recruiter is a new tool to assist the insulation and weatherization industry in finding the professionals they need for the job. With this tool you’re able to easily apply as an entry level worker and find your next career in your area. Insulation contractors will have a pool of professionals to choose from that are ready to work!

For a limited time, this tool is FREE to the public. Starting December 31st, 2020 this tool will only be available to High Performance Certified Contractors and Industry Professionals.

If you’re interested in utilizing this tool and fulfilling your labor needs, or interested in a career in the insulation industry Visit or contact our Operations Manager, Emily Bremmon, at