Fire Gasket is a fire rated composite vinyl intumescent accessory that provides 1 & 2 Hour fire-ratings for both dynamic and static joints for both concrete and fluted deck assemblies, according to UL-2079 5th Edition.

• Fasten to the leg of the track using factory applied pressure sensitive tape.

• Features a 3/8″ hollow bubble gasket on the upper corner that is easily compressed to seal against concrete of fluted deck.

Once properly installed, Fire Gasket provides an unbreakable seal for long term fire, smoke and sound protection. Fire Gasket pieces should be butted together tightly.

• Provides an L-Rating less than 1 CFM/Ln Ft.

• Provides up to a total of 1-1/2″ unencumbered movement.

• Installed fully cured, no installation temperature or humidity restrictions.

• Intumescent strip along inside leg of profile which is protected from damage.

• Installs on both sides of the wall, comes in 10ft. lengths.

• Takes the place of fire sealant at building joints, and does not require any fire spray over compressed mineral wool when used perpendicular to fluted decks.

• May be used with Spray-Less Flute Clip for walls perpendicular to flutes.

• May be field installed or pre-installed to the track prior to installation of track.

• STC 51 – 3-5/8″ 20 eq Stud (1×2 unbalanced)

• STC 55 – 3-5/8″ 20 eq Stud (2×2 balanced)