A drywall ceiling is noted for its clean, uniform appearance, but installation can come with many setbacks and hang-ups. Fight back against that frustration with a drywall suspension system, designed for a more efficient, less labor-intensive drywall ceiling install.

Ideal for flat and soffit drywall ceiling framing, a drywall suspension ceiling allows installers to “Lock-and-Go” with a unique drywall grid locking channel. And with the new direct mount, you’ll have an even greater level of efficiency than that of traditional framing methods.

Direct Mount Features

The ceilings drywall suspension direct mount system is designed for a fast install with shallow plenum or wall-to-wall applications. Three new products, incorporated with pre-existing Main Tees, complete the direct mount system:

  • The Drywall Grid Locking Channel locks tees at the perimeter with no requirement to secure with fasteners
    • Locking pocket located every 8” along channel
    • Each pocket locks tee bulb and flange for a secure, tight connection
    • Upper leg indexes over tee bulb for a secure fit
    • Each channel is 12’ in length
  • The Close Mount Attachment Clip is used to connect main tees directly to the above structure
    • Provides strong support from the deck without the use of hanger wires
    • Dual orientated and can be snipped for variable plenum depths
    • Eliminates the need to grind the deck with uneven surfaces
    • Various perforation for positive connection types
    • 18 gauge, G90 HDG steel allows for both internal and external applications
  • Direct Mount Spanning Tees are used to connect into main tee route holes and locking pockets
    • Spanning Tees come with a cross tee clip at one end and a flush end at the other
    • Clip engages the connection hole of the main tee, locking the flush end into the channel
    • Available in 5’, 7’, 6’, and 8’ lengths
    • Cannot use standard DWSS CTs due to height requirements of the tee to lock in DGLC-12

Simple, Efficient Installation

Through its streamlined installation, the Direct Mount System offers an out-of-the-box solution for tight plenum installations, which is particularly evident when compared to systems featuring 7/8 Hat Channel or Metal Stud components. Perhaps the greatest value that a ceilings drywall suspension system can provide on the jobsite is its efficient design and installation. Gone are the days when it was a requirement to measure, align, and square each tee at the perimeter. No matter the system, locking pockets come spaced every 8” without the need to fasten tees at the perimeter.

Michael Montag, USG Product Manager, Suspension Systems says, “A ceilings drywall suspension direct mount system will assist in today’s tight project timelines and reduce total installation time compared to traditional framing methods.”

With such an emphasis on productivity, the ceilings drywall suspension direct mount system makes time-consuming and frustrating ceiling installations a thing of the past.