CENTRIA, leading innovator and manufacturer of the world’s most advanced building envelope wall and roof panels, is giving architects, specifiers and contractors a new tool to deliver both durability and aesthetics with the launch of the Impressions coating system. A pre-finished decorative paint system, Impressions is engineered specifically for steel and aluminum substrates.

Impressions provides superior scratch resistance; exceptional dirt and stain resistance; and remarkable protection from the sun, rain and other natural elements. It is applicable to a number of stainless steel and aluminum substrates.

The coating system simulates natural finishes, including woods and specialty metals. Substrates treated with Impressions also require less maintenance than those natural materials, which generates cost savings. In addition, Impressions adheres more readily to the metal and delivers greater color consistency, which results in a uniform appearance throughout the life of the building.

“Impressions takes our substrates to the next level by adding new finishes and additional protections,” said Julie Schessler, product manager, CENTRIA. “It provides greater versatility in color options and in its ability to simulate other materials. At the same time, materials finished with Impressions have an added barrier to ward off wear and tear, which pays off over time.”

Impressions coatings begin with the substrate. A Color Base Coat is added followed by fluoropolymer ink. Those layers are sealed with a clear topcoat made of resins for thermal stability and chemical resistance. The total coating thickness is 1.1 mils (0.0011 inch) on the substrate.

Impressions is available in twelve patterns and colors.