It’s been a busy few weeks in the construction industry, so Roofing Contractor and Walls & Ceilings’ publisher Jill Bloom and Associate Editor of Walls & Ceilings, Hannah Belloli, caught up with CEO of Cotney Attorney & Consultants, Trent Cotney. 

Cotney and the ladies discuss the launch of Cotney Capital Corp. and his hopes for how this will help the construction industry, the newest COVID-19 relief bill, and some of the key issues the roofing industry will be brining to Capitol Hill on Roofing Day, such as immigration. 

Cotney also breaks down a “very contentious” piece of legislation, the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act. Cotney tells the listeners what contractors need to know and what contractors can expect if this measure were to pass in the Senate. “It effects every single one of our listeners that uses subcontract labor, that has a 1099 sales force, that uses any kind of sub—whatsoever,” Cotney says. “If you’re listening to this, pay attention to the PRO Act. The PRO Act keeps me up at night.”