Dryvit Systems, Inc. announced the launch of its renamed, rebranded panelization program — Modulite™ — this week.  Initially introduced as “Tech 21,” the program helps building owners, general contractors and architects use or specify Dryvit’s three panelization systems, Fedderlite®, Outsulite™ and Metalite®, completed with many of Dryvit’s wide variety of exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS).

The new look mirrors Dryvit’s own rebranding efforts, which were done in conjunction with sister companies Nudura Inc., Tremco Incorporated and Willseal during their joint creation of the new Tremco Construction Products Group (CPG) beginning in late 2019.

“Demand for prefabricated, lightweight exterior cladding panels that meet the latest energy codes and shorten the construction cycle continues to grow,” said Dryvit’s Rick Bunting, who leads the Modulite program. “We’re excited to continue helping meet this need with our new-look Modulite program. The bottom-line for building owners is the ability to save time and money with the Modulite system.”


The Growing Trend of Prefabrication

The use of prefabricated panels helps address two major challenges in new construction or major renovations: the need to accelerate completion of a building’s exterior cladding and shortages of skilled labor.

“Accelerated installation of a building’s exterior cladding through panelization enables a property to begin generating revenue much earlier than traditional, field-applied construction,” said Bunting. “The added values of overcoming labor shortages and improving quality control through prefabricating  is also a huge bonus.”

To support the program’s original launch, Dryvit also created a Partner Fabricator Network program to provide premium warranty coverage for panels manufactured by participating contractors. Contractors who undergo Dryvit-led training and meet other qualification standards are eligible to participate. The Partner Fabricator Network will continue to be supported by the new-look Modulite program.

Other benefits of using prefabricated panels include a reduction in the need for scaffolding on tall buildings and greater flexibility for architects when incorporating complex designs. Dryvit’s prefabricated panels also give architects greater flexibility in incorporating more complex design elements that are easier to build in a prefabrication facility than on site with field-applied EIFS.

Contractors, architects and building owners interested in learning more about Dryvit’s Modulite initiative, including the Partner Fabricator Network, can visit Dryvit.com for more info.


About Tremco Construction Products Group

Tremco Construction Products Group (CPG) is the new master brand that brings together Dryvit Systems, Inc.; Tremco Incorporated’s Commercial Sealants & Waterproofing and Roofing & Building Maintenance divisions; NUDURA Inc; Willseal; Weatherproofing Technologies, Inc. and Weatherproofing Technologies Canada.  The Tremco CPG portfolio includes:  

  • Dryvit Systems Inc. cladding systems — providing any look from stone, brick and masonry to metal, wood, stucco, terracotta and more — that are lighter, faster and easier to install, and result in durable, high-performing structures that are less expensive to build and operate;
  • NewBrick, the innovative, lightweight insulated brick veneer that provides a comprehensive, whole-wall alternative to traditional brick;
  • From Tremco:
    • Best-in-class water and vapor barrier systems for all vertical and horizontal surfaces that have been tested and proven in the most demanding conditions: extreme temperatures, punishing traffic, seismic activity, hurricane zones and more;
    • Residential weather-resistant barrier and basement waterproofing systems that provide long-term, warranted protection for homeowners and peace of mind for builders;
    • Roofing solutions that not only outperform traditional membrane roofs, but include an extensive maintenance program to ensure they will be leak-proof for as long as the building stands;
    • Weatherproofing Technologies, Inc. (WTI) and Weatherproofing Technologies Canada’s (WTC) analytical, maintenance and information-based roofing services;
  • Nudura Inc.’s ICF foundations and wall systems that are stronger, better insulated and can be installed in much lower temperatures than traditional framing; and
  • Willseal foam expansion joints that streamline installation, offer unsurpassed movement capabilities and help create safer, greener, higher-performing structures.


Altogether, Tremco CPG companies operate 14 manufacturing facilities, 6 distribution sites, and 3 technology sites and employ more than 2,600 people across North America. For more information, visit us at www.tremcocpg.com.