High-strength Shearwall

Simpson Strong-Tie

Strong-Wall high-strength shearwall is a high-performance solution for lateral-force resistance in light-frame residential and commercial construction. The code-listed, prefabricated WSWH has a patented design that provides the highest allowable loads for a wide variety of applications. And unlike other shear walls, the high-strength WSWH is fabricated from a material that is field trimmable for the ultimate in fit and flexibility at the jobsite. The shearwalls are supplied with top-of-wall shear transfer plates, nuts, washers, and installation instructions, and are wrapped to provide protection from the elements on the jobsite. For more information, visit strongtie.com.


Track System

Telling Industries

VersaDry Track System is a metal framing product that protects walls from water damage while saving labor time and cost by eliminating the need for fire and acoustical caulking. The product’s design protects walls by allowing drywall to sit 2 inches off the floor on a steel shelf. This shelf mitigates the wicking of water both during construction and for the life of the building. It boasts an elegant fit and finished appearance, helps reduce mold growth, has improved acoustical performance, fire resistance, and prevents baseboard damage from floor cleaning equipment. For more information, visit buildstrong.com.


Pre-fabricated Soffit Framing

Armstrong Ceiling Solutions

SimpleSoffit Drywall Framing System is a pre-fabricated solution that will save time and labor right out of the box. Main beams are factory-notched to your project dimensions and form perfect angles with just a click. Rout holes for cross tees are manufactured to drawing specifications, reducing material waste on the job. Lose the jig and eliminate on-site fabrication time saving time and labor on every job. Learn more about the efficiencies of pre-engineered drywall framing solutions at armstrongceilings.com/simplesoffit


Light-weight Truss System


Ultra-Span Floor Trusses are non-combustible, light weight and available in from a minimum depth of 12-inches. The trusses are fabricated to exact dimensions to eliminate waste, and our fully-engineered designs assure fast construction. The trusses are compatible with a wide range of bearing materials and conditions, have UL-Rated Assemblies, IIC and STC Sound ratings and can be configured in custom designs that include loading conditions specific to your project. The design flexibility, speed to delivery and strength and stability of cold formed steel trusses is unmatched in the construction industry. Find out more at mii.com.


Curved Metal Framing System

Radius Track Corp.

CFMF systems for curved or complex surfaces provide singular parts, a complete kit-of-parts, or unitized assemblies which help control project costs, maintain schedules and increase quality. Customers choose how to leverage estimating and framing fabrication to framing system development and fabrication for one, two and three-way framing systems and unitized systems. Use CFMF systems for nearly every type building—interior and exterior, structural and non-structural, small to large—in a wide range of markets for curved walls, ceilings, soffits, clouds, staircases, vaults, skylights, domes, arches, and any other curved or specialty feature. For more information, visit radiustrack.com.


Fire-rated Composite Gasket


The company’s Fire Gasket is a fire-rated composite vinyl intumescent framing accessory that provides fire-ratings for both dynamic and static joints with both concrete and fluted deck assemblies for standard walls or shaftwalls (according to UL-2079 5th edition) provides 1 and 2-hour fire-ratings, and an L-rating of less than 1 CFM. The product comes in three different sizes to provide 1/2, 1 or 1-1/2 inch unencumbered movement and is sound tested according to ASTM E90. For more information, visit cemcosteel.com.