Pneumatic Framing Nailer


The FramePRO 325XP pneumatic paper tape framing nailer weighs in at 7.9 pounds—and measuring less than 12 inches tall—it is the most compact framing nailer in the category. The low-profile design makes it easy to maneuver between wall studs and floor joists. An ergonomic over-molded comfort grip dampens recoil and reduces fatigue during prolonged use. Delivering 780 pounds of impact-energy at 100 PSI, the tool drives 34- degree offset round head and clipped-head paper tape fasteners ranging from 2 to 3¼ inches long (.113 to .148 in diameter) into any substrate, including engineered lumber. With its durable external aluminum housing and internal metal components (high strength steel driver blade and aluminum firing valve), the product is built to handle the rugged demands of framing, sheathing, truss building, sub-flooring, and deck building in any climate. For more information, visit


Steel Framing App

ClarkDietrich Building Systems

The ClarkDietrich iTools app now features complete integration of the company’s industry-leading SubmittalPro system. The app was developed to help construction teams evaluate purchasing decisions and assist in product selection for steel framing projects. The user can access more than 500 data sheets at the push of a button, while the cost-saving calculators use project-specific data to provide an instant comparative pricing model for both materials and labor. Through the iTools interface, users can access the iProSTUD Interior Wall & Ceiling Lookup Tool, which gives contractors and architects the ability to calculate and filter wall assembly data by specific properties. In addition, users can directly link to UL design reports and third-party STC sound tests. Access iTools on a desktop or smartphone at


Slide-clip Connector

Simpson Strong-Tie

The SCHA slide-clip connector is an ideal solution for panelized or stick-frame construction where cold-formed steel bypass framing anchors to the top of a floor slab or the bottom flange of a steel beam. The product comes with pre-punched holes for 1/4-inch diameter Titen HD concrete screw anchors or 0.157-inch PDPAT pins, eliminating the need for pre-drilling and helping to ensure accurate anchor placement every time. The connector was developed and tested to accommodate different methods of anchoring concrete and steel. For more information, visit


Collated Fastening

Grabber Construction Products

SuperDrive N7 is a lightweight, easy-to-use collated fastening tool designed for reaching into even tighter spaces. Its small head design allows it to fit into constricted spaces and its rounded tip won’t damage drywall or other sheathing. The product is ideal for hanging drywall or sheathing to wood and light to heavy gauge metal. The tool can be easily adjusted to handle fastener lengths from 1 to 2 inches with just the click of a button. Fine depth control adjustment is made using N7’s SureLock fine depth control feature. The product is easy to operate and accommodates screw diameters from 6 to 12 gauge. For more information, visit


Stud-to-Track Attachment


The company’s TAB TRACK provides a screwless stud-to-track attachment for metal stud wall framing using bendable tabs. The tabs are evenly spaced to provide consistent on-center stud layout and will also provide placement for additional studs that may need to be off-layout. The product is a deflection track for the head of wall conditions.  Once the studs are nested within the track, the tabs may be pushed inward on either side of the stud to prohibit lateral movement while maintaining vertical deflection. For information, visit